Atari Nerd Fantasy: What If Our Games Had Been Released As Cartridges For A Classic Console (photo)

We were thinking over the weekend that it would be nice to have some kind of physical way to represent the many games we have made over the years. Since most of them have been web games, they are fleeting digital objects to everyone (except us that is!).

We decided to make some boxes for a few of our games, imagining them as games for a classic console. We found a template online and using and some card stock, we printed out boxes and created them by hand.

 We even experimented with shrink wrapping them (Retro Blaster in the middle is the prototype).  After we made one box, it became addictive.  Seeing a physical representation of these games that have only ever lived on our hard drives was compelling, and it has become addictive.  We’ll probably end up making them for all the games we have worked on for the past 20 years.

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