Up Atari’s Sleeve: An $100,000 iOS Game Contest To Reimagine Pong!


So, what Atari had up it’s sleeve was a $100,000 contest to re-imagine Pong.   While this might appear to be a let-down for fans angling for something new (i.e Roller Coaster Tycoon 4, Food Fight 2012), for indie developers it’s an AMAZING CHANCE to help redefine the quintessential Atari property and bring it into the new gaming age.

The emphasis here should be on “re-imagining”, and not simply re-making the regular Pong in 3D or something like that.  Some may argue that Bit.Trip.Beat already did this in spectacular fashion,  but Atari hasn’t done it themselves, and it’s high time they tried.

We here at 8bitrocket.com towers are looking forward to this contest very much.  It could be very very interesting.

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