Atari Clarifies Pong Indie Developer Challenge Royalties

We received this from Atari’s PR Team today to clarify royalties on winning games:

“Pong Indie Developer Challenge was conceived as a way for the gaming community to celebrate Atari’s and Pong’s upcoming 40th anniversary. It is a great opportunity for indie developers to have a successful launch on a very competitive App Store by leveraging an iconic and well-known brand and tapping into a huge, passionate community. Our hope is that developers will not only see the value of cash prizes but also the chance to actually publish their own Pong under the Atari brand and with our full launch support. A successful launch is the ultimate chance for developers to show off their talent and creativity to the larger Atari and iOS community.

Pong Indie Developer Challenge is a contest with real cash prizes plus the ability to participate in revenue sharing from the first dollar. Winners will receive cash up front: $50k for 1st place, $37.5k for 2nd, $25k for third and up to seven runner-ups will grab $5k each. That prize money is not recouped against future royalties. Thus winners receive prize money up front, access to revenue sharing from first dollar and an opportunity to release a game alongside our other successful iOS titles.

We look forward to seeing creative submissions and supporting the winners on the App Store.”

We here at see this as an interesting opportunity to create an evolutionary Pong game using Atari’s intellectual property.    While the terms might not be perfect, it still seems like a really cool opportunity.  Now that the terms of the contest have been clarified, indie developers should take the time to figure out if it is worth their time and effort, and then enter the contest if  they think it seems like a good move.

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