Atari Pong Developer Challenge Semi Finalist Announcement Postponed A Week

According to Pocket Gamer, Atari is overwhelmed with entries (87 in all) so they are delaying the announcement of the semi-finalists until May 1st.   This gives me an extra week to formulate bizarre Atari dreams and worry myself sick before we hear the news.   With 87 ideas floating around over there at the Atari HQ, we have a less than 20% chance (based on pure numbers) to make it to the next round.  Plus, many of those entries probably included demos, while ours did not.

Still, I’m happy with  the design of our entry, as it is something I would love to play myself, so I hope that is enough to get us through.  If not, we’ll probably share our idea here next week. Then you, our faithful readers, can judge its relative’ merits on your own.



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