Atari Pong Developer Challenge : 15 Semi-Finalist Videos Posted, Ours Included

Atari has posted the finalist videos for the Pong Developer Challenge, ours included.   Only 15  of 20 videos made the cut, so either some were not up to snuff, or  five of the 20 semi-finalists did not made the deadline.  By the way, the competition looks TOUGH.
Our approach was a very traditional version of Pong, but only with one player.  It’s a combination of a Bit.Trip.Beat and a game like Furu Furu Park that mashes-up coin-up game play through tons of short levels.  We decided to make our game a “trip” through the first 10  (or so) years of Atari coin-ops  because we are Atari nerds.     Unabashedly, we love old school, and we love Atari.   The music is retro,  the look and feel is retro, but the game play is evolved a bit beyond what Pong became in the 70’s.    From the looks of it, our chances are really slim.  Still, we made a game that we would want to play, and we will, even if we are the only ones who ever get to see  it!

Here is out video below:


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