Flash CS6 + Our Book On Flash + iOS = Surprisingly Good Performance. I Feel Vindicated

A couple years ago, Jeff and I published The Essential Guide To Flash Games through Friends Of Ed.   At nearly the EXACT moment the book went into print, the whole Apple/Flash/iPad flap blew-up the Flash world.     What we thought would be the culmination of 10 years of work in Flash games became a sort of albatross.   The book used techniques that we have developed for many years, as well as new ideas designed to get good performance from iOS.  However,  at the last minute, we had to strike all references to mobile out of the book.  Then to add insult to injury, bugs in CS4 and new ones introduced in CS5, rendered some of the examples in the book useless.   We were shattered by the experience, and decided to move on to the HTML5 Canvas.

Well, imagine our surprise when, on a whim,  we ran some tests with Flash CS6 this week and found that the techniques we developed for The Essential Guide To Flash Games now produce some really solid code with great performance on iOS.     Unfortunately, we are not in the position to write any tutorials right now about it, but we might post a video demo next week to show just how many objects and particles we can get up using a fully blitted engine when exported from CS6 to iOS.

Anyway, don’t count out Flash just yet.  There still might be some life left in our old friend.



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