Christmas Bytes Film Kick Starter Campaign

Christmas Bytes Kick Starter Campaign.

Steve and I are involved in a Kick Starter Campaign to get a movie developed. It is NOT our movie, but we have been asked to help out. It is set in the 80’s and the goal of the protagonist in the film is to get an Atari 2600 (may have to change for legal reasons) for Christmas (and a girlfriend). For our part, we are providing an HTML5 Atari 2600 style adventure game that people will receive if they donate at a certain level.

Check it out even if you just have a passing interest in 80’s nostalgia. There are quite a few high profile people involved, so we are honored to have our game as part of the prize package. It also also looks like quite a cool film (I’ve read the script like 9 times already).There is a video demo of our game so far on the Kick Starter site.

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