Professor Zombie! Released For iOS, Kindle Fire, Android – Plus Professor Palindrome! now On Kindle Fire!

For Immediate Release : 9/25/2012

Producto Studios Releases Professor Zombie! For iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire

Redondo Beach, CA:  Today Producto Studios released their newest game for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire: Professor Zombie Unscramble!


Just in time for Halloween – a sequel to the hit iOS game Professor Palindromes! (also released for the first time on Kindle Fire Today),   Professor Zombie!  Challenges you to unscramble the words before the Zombie eats the professor’s brain!

The Professor has left his brain out, and now zombies want to eat it!  The only way you can stop the zombies is by unscrambling the words from the zombie lexicon.

The play is simple:  press two letters to swap their places.

The action is frantic: can you make the correct moves before the time runs out?

You get 40 seconds on each level to unscramble the words.  Be sure to read the clues, as they will help you figure out the puzzle.

Any time left over from the last level is applied to the next.   The faster you work on the earlier levels, the better chance you have when things get more complicated.

Earn or buy (iOs only) “Instant Solves” to help you get to higher and higher levels!

Fun, and addictive. Download it now!  For iOS and Android, and Kindle Fire



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Kindle Fire

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Also released today, Professor Palindromes! For the Kindle Fire.

Unscramble the palindromes!

Palindromes are words and phrases spelled the same way backwards and forwards.

Professor Palindromes challenges you to the ultimate word challenge. Can you form all the palindromes before you run out of time!?

Earn or buy “Instant Solves” to help you get to higher and higher levels!

Download it now!  For iOS and Android, and Kindle Fire

Professor Palindromes! For iOS


Professor Palindrome! for Android


Professor Palindrome! For Kindle Fire

Web Site:

Promo Video :


Producto Studios Information

Producto Studios is passionate about delivering great design and functionality for your new media projects. In the past ten years, we’ve brought to life concepts that have motivated sales teams, helped students obtain their online degrees, and marketed nationally branded products.

Our team of animators, designers, and programmers provide client focused media solutions across platforms, software and devices. From concept to beta testing, Producto works as a partner in providing innovative media solutions.

We Provide:

Game Design:

We have designed over 200 games for web and mobile in categories such as action, retro, kids, education, puzzle, word, and many more.


Front and back end programming for iOS, Android, AS3, HTML5, Flex, XML, Word Press, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, MySQL and others.

Character Animation:

Animation production house featuring a veteran animation team staying on model for all the studios including Warner, Disney, Vivendi, Fox, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network.


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