1978 Close Encounters Trading Cards Sealed Wax Pack (old stuff from my attic)

By Jeff D. Fulton

The old stuff from my attic is a new blog here on 8bitrocket.com where I rummage through all of the various boxes of crap I have in the garage, attic, closets, etc and find things I never knew I had.

Today I found a sealed wax pack of Close Encounters trading cards from 1978.  This is not for sale, mind you, this is just for fun.

The front of the pack looks like this:



The back is even more interesting:


It has membership info for the CE3K Skywatchers Club.  I could not find any good info about this club on the internet, but since it is over 30 years old, I am sure they are no longer accepting $3.50 and $5.00 applications.

The Bradycards.com web site says that this series had 66 cards and 11 sticker cards.  These were by Topps, so yes, there is a 30+ year old piece of gum inside! =)

I have no idea if this is worth anything, and am not really concerned because I don’t plan to get rid of it anyway.  If you have any interest in non-sports trading cards, the Wikipedia Page is a good start.


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