8bitrocket Launches New Consulting Service

8bitrocket IT Consulting
8bitrocket IT Consulting

8bitrocket IT Consulting brings together 25 years of web application development, project management, IT solutions architecture, and book publishing experience, along and the sheer love of code, to your IT project.

Owner, Jeff Fulton, has years and years of experience at companies big and small, including 15 years of core web application development/architecture/management for Mattel Toys, and 4 years as the Chief Technology Officer of Producto Studios.   He simply loves code and can bring his expertise and put together a team to solve any IT project, problem or opportunity.

Do you want a responsive site? Do you want a an HTML5 Game (we wrote the book, literally on HTML5 Canvas games). Do you want a mobile app that will work across all machines with a build once, deploy everywhere capability? Do you have a legacy app or site that needs a fresh code polish to bring it up to date? Do you have a great idea, but no idea how to execute it?  Do you want a hybrid app that can work on the web and be packaged as a mobile app?  Do you want all of these? Do you need help with the latest and greatest architecture ideas (Node, Ionic, Angular, Mongo, Express, Bootstrap, and others)?  We can help with all of these and more. Just send an email to jeff@8bitrocket.com or call 310-351-6726 to discuss your problem or opportunity.

We test the latest and greatest everyday so you don’t have to.

Check out our consulting page for more info.

8bitrocket Consulting, Code Rules!

If it’s code, we got this!

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