Fact Checkers Sharpen Your Pencils: Nolan Bushnell Interviewed For NPR’s “How I Built This” Podcast

Let me just get this out of the way, I LOVE Nolan Bushnell.  He is the visionary without which we would not have all that is and was Atari.  Sure, if he did not start Atari with Ted Dabney back in the early 1970s’s, someone else would have eventually created the video game industry as we know it, but credit deserves to flow where credit is due, and Bushnell certainly had the personality and drive to make great things happen.   At the same time, Bushnell is very very good at, shall we say, “refining his backstory”, and this interview is no different.   Putting it simply, there are many thing in this interview I have not heard before, and i’ve been glued to interviews about Nolan Bushnell ever since I saw his biography featured on a game show in the early 1980’s

It’s a rousing good time listening to this podcast and hearing Bushnell, once again,  talk about his early days, this time through the lens of 2017.  Fact checkers should sharpen their pencils, because I’m sure there is much here to be dissected and discussed.  However, in my mind, there is one thing that can’t be debated:  Bushnell is a luminary and his influence on the world of video games, entertainment,  innovation, invention,and Silicon Valley cannot be denied.

You can listen below:

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