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IDW To Release Atari Themed Board Games

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IDW Games, designers and distributors of a multitude of games (including the magnificent The Game) have signed a deal to create board games based on Atari properties.  The first will be Centipede in September 2017, followed Asteroids and Missile Command.   The games will be deagined by John Gilmour, co-deasigner of Dead Of Winter.

The IDW web site describes the games as

Set to capture the feel of these classic titles, the Atari line of board games are fun, intense and fast-paced. While each game in the series will play differently from the others, they will all have you nostalgic for the days of being hunched over a CRT in a dark arcade with your eyes on the prize: top of the high-score chart.

You can find out more here: IDW Games

The Arcade Blogger

This is not really news, but I love this blog!  Tony Temple over at The Arcade Blogger runs his site as “A UK based blog about the preservation and history of Classic Arcade Video Games from the 70s and 80s.”  He has a particular affection for the game Missile Command, which I can totally appreciate, as I created my own version named “Flak Cannon” for our book, The Essential Guide To Flash Games.   His most recent story is named “A Hole In The Atari Battlezone Story“, which is an in-depth dive into oddities in the Battlezone cabinet.   I look forward to visiting this site often

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Art Of Atari Poster Book Now On Pre-Sale

The follow-up to Tim Lapetino’s magnificent The Art Of Atari is coming in June of this year.  The Art Of Atari Poster Book: 40 pages of removable, flammable posters of classic Atari art for an MSRP of $24.99.

This one looks awesome!  I’m sure the iconic Atari images included in their poster formwill adorn games rooms, man-caves, barcades and the like for decades to come.






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