Never Let The Fires Die: The Alarm Podcast : Episode #4

Note: Jeff and I produce and host a podcast for the 80’s band The Alarm.    The Alarm are still going in 21st century, making new music, and inspiring their fans.   We’ve been spending much of our “online” time working on the podcast over the past couple months, which is why this site has seen fewer updates.   

Listen as roving UK reporters Gary Overington and Mike Peters himself take you on a unique journey backstage at The Alarm’s 2017 UK Tour Kickoff in Portsmouth.  Includes interviews with with the crew and band (including a very intimate  personal and interview with Jules Jones conducted by Gary) plus several live performances.

Listen or watch  below or in iTunes or Google Play


  • Gary Overington
  • Mark Warden
  • Andi Badgeman
  • Mike Peters
  • Jules Jones
  • James Stevenson
  • Smiley
  • Alarm super fan Pete Cole.


  • Lie Of The Land
  • Brighter Than The Sun (live)
  • Howling Wind (live)
  • Time (live)
  • Love And Understanding (live)
  • There Must Be A Way (live)
  • Strength (live)
  • Tomorrow (live)
  • Kill To Get What You Want (live)
  • Peace (live)
  • 68 Guns (live)
  • 45 RPM (live)
  • Blaze Of Glory (live)
  • Marching On (live)
  • Two Rivers (live)


  • Recording Engineers: Gary Overington, Mike Peters
  • Edited and Mixed by Steve Fulton

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