S1:E6 – Interfaces are where two worlds collide

The only thing from the 80’s that could rival our love for Atari was our love for punk rock and new wave, and especially, our favorite band: The Alarm.  In 1987 those two things combined in an unexpected way. So unexpected in fact, that we were only able to fully understand impact of those two world’s clashing more than 30 years later.  This episode documents that journey to understanding.

In 1987 we gave up the “Little Blue Desktop ” of Atari 800 DOS for the Little Green Desktop of the Atari 520 ST.  At that exact moment in time, the music industry was changing dramatically from one that used mostly analog recording practices to adding digital instruments and recording methods into the Studio. The ATARI (ubiquitously known without the ST) mostly in studios was the cheapest, most accurate sequencer on the market.



  • The list of bands that used an Atari ST for recording was compiled from the following sources: Atari Age,com forums, Sounds On Sounds Forum, https://www.musictech.net/, Matt Aniss and http://daily.redbullmusicacademy.com/,  stuff.tv, Wikipedia and Google.
  • Matt Aniss has written the definitive exploration of the Atari ST an MIDI “Instumental Instruments- The Atari SThttp://daily.redbullmusicacademy.com/2017/10/atari-st-instrumental-instruments
  • The Snippets of Alarm, songs played were used under fair use guidelines for the purposes of criticism.  They were as follows:
    • Rain In The Summertime from the Album Eye Of The Hurricane, 1987
    • Declaration – live At The Hammersmith Palais, December 1984
    • Marching On – live At The Hammersmith Palais, December 1984
    • Across The Border – live At The Hammersmith Palais, December 1984
    • Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?  – live At The Hammersmith Palais, December 1984
    • Unsafe Building – live At The Hammersmith Palais, December 1984
    • The Stand  – live At The Hammersmith Palais, December 1984
    • Rain In The Summertime (Live) from the album Electric Folklore Live, 1988
    • Rescue Me, live at the Tower In Philadelphia, April 16th, 1988
    • Sold Me Down The River, from the album Change, 1989
    • Hardland, , from the album Change, 1989
    • Change 2, from the album Change, 1989
    • Prison Without Prison Bars , from the album Change, 1989
    • Rivers To Cross, from the album Change, 1989
    • Change 1, b-side of Raw singe, 1991
    • Two Rivers, from the album Equals, 2018
    • 13 Dead Reindeer , from the album Equals, 2018
    • Tomorrow, from the album Equals, 2018

Atari Dos 2.X – Inside Atari DOS Byby Bill Wilkinson, published 1982 https://www.atariarchives.org/iad/

Atari ST TOS 1.0 Information, pictures, more

BAAL – Atari SThttps://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=baal+atari+st

Better Dead than Alien – Atari ST

A selection of Atari ST game videos featuring music


The History of Midi

1986 Discussion of Midi Computers



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