S1:E10 Christmas In The Vertical Blank

S1:E10: Christmas In The Vertical Blank

n this season 1 finale, the Fulton brothers discuss the early years of Atari and Christmas, culminating in a Christmas story that ties a bow on a few of the previous stories and themes from this season. There are also some surprises, weird occurances, and awkwardness. Lots and lots of awkwardness. What were you expecting?

Some Images To Illustrate The Podcast

  • Probably the first ad we ever saw in Electronic Games magazine from November 1981
  • The Amazing “Train Tables” in the Sears Catalog
  • The only picture I have of the N-Scale Xmas-tree stand.  This is from long after it fell into disrepair, but I think you can still still what it might have looked like in it’s glory days
  • The “HO Scale Dementia Table” when “everything lived”
  • Dad working on his table the took up most of his room.




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