S3:E2 Dan Kitchen Interview Part One: The Rise Of The Kitchen Brothers

In our quest to discover the secrets of programming 8 and 16 bit computers this season, we caught up with Dan Kitchen, a true survivor of the 80’s video game crash, still making games today. 

 In fact, he’s on a quest to build and publish a brand new set of games for the Atari VCS  n the spirit of Activision, the company he and his brothers Garry and Steve once worked for and ran the east coast branch

We Catch Steve and Dan Talking about Dan’s new game and then start to dig into the History of the Kitchen Brothers In part 2 we get into deeper topics including Gary Kitchen’s game Maker, which Dan ported to the Apple II and created all of the demo games for the Commodore 64 version. Its a piece of software that as an Atari 800 user we were very jealous of not having on our own machine. 


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