S3:E5: Monthly News and Notes for those who grew up Atari.

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The Vertical Blank: Generation Atari. Season 3 Episode 5: Monthly News and Notes for those who grew up Atari. Or Atari News and HomeBrew Update for Q1 of 2020. Apocalypse Edition.
In this episode we cover news from the Official Atari as well as other new hardware projects that have sparked our interest. We also attempt to cover homebrew games for all of Atari Systems including the 2600, 5200, 7800, 8bit Computers, ST, Lynx and Jaguar. 

8bitrocket Pong Returns Post Mortem Video

Intellivision Amico

Atari Pong Quest

Zero Page homebrew reports:Atari 2600 Homebrew Completed/WIP in 2020


Atari 7800 Homebrew Completed/WIP in 2020

Zero Page homebrew reports:


Atari 8-Bit/5200 Homebrew Completed/WIP in 2020
Zero Page Homebrew


Below is a list of all the Atari 8-Bit/5200 homebrew games that have either been completed in 2020 or have released an updated WIP in 2020. Please let me know if there are any missing or inaccurate entries.

Atari Lynx – from atarigamer.com

Atari ST/E. TT. Falcon

Fun game, reminds me of Plutos. 

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