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Using A8bit #fujinet to play “Pet” Galaga from – Homesoft Game Disk 404

By Jeff D. Fulton

Today we are going load up Homesoft game Disk #404 and play the only version of Galaga available for Atari 8bit 400/800/XL/XE Machines. We Will play directly an Atari 130XL by loading it over the internet via WIFI with #Fujinet!
Disk 404 Download


Here is the game play video:

Galaga (PETGalaga)
Fandal Site Game Description and Download
Atarimania.com Game Description and Download
Year: 2013
Author: Henrik Wening
Notes: Based on the 1982 PET Game by Norbert Kehrer
INVB Notes: This one would not play on Altirra, so it got me to setup Fujinet and get it going on my Atari 800. This game plays a very plain looking but nice version or Galaga. All of the features are there – from Challenging stages to Ship Capture and rescue. You can Choose Atari ATASCII, PETASCII, or PATASCII colors and graphics modes to play the game in.

Review score: 10/10 – The visuals are awesome for the chosen mode and the game plays exactly like Galaga. The sounds are Petatstic!

#Fujinet! – Absolutely the best SIO peripheral for the 8bits. It makes you want to have 1MB and PAL to play all of the games from a real machine – both of which I don’t have but have broken numerous 800XLs trying to make work. So Jeff gets a 0/10 and #Fujinet gets a 10/10.
Alttirra 9/10 – It ley me play the rest of the games on Homesoft Disk 404 because many are PAL

There are some great games on this disk, make sure you try Heli In Caves Extended edition as it it probably the best Cybernoid-like on the Atari 8bits. It requires PAL as it won’t play well on my 130XE. Make sure to flick the joystick twice left or right to turn in the directio,

Disk 404 – download from this page.

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