st activision games vol2

Atari ST / STE / Mega STE Activision Game Reviews Vol 2: From Galaxy Force 2 to R-Type 2

Atari ST / STE (8mhz) and  Mega STE (16mhz)  Activision Game Reviews: Action / Arcade Games. In this series we will cover game play and capsule reviews and scores for  Activison UK Arcade and Action Games

  • Galaxy Force II  (ST 8MHZ) – 80% – Ambitions fun blaster that is a major improvement technically over previous sprite scalers. It has where it counts, GAME PLAY. Music or Sound FX are better than the mixed version. (Rocks Candidate with FX or Music)
  • Galaxy Force II (Mega STE  16MHZ)- 83% – The speed helps a little, but the game might run too fast. Same game but no slow down. Maybe a little too fast
  • Hammerfist (ST 8MHZ) – 89% – Wow, a very nice adventure, beat-em-up, arcade game puzzle game. What a surprise. A lot of control with just on button and an 8-way stick
  • Hammerfist (Mega STE  16MHZ) – 89% Same basic game play just a little smoother. A winner and a thumb breaker  
  • Hot Rod (ST 8MHZ) – 65% A bouncy tune and a little bit of fun. Not a bad top down racer, but how do you gas up the car? Better version of this game type exists on the ST. 
  • Hot Rod (ST 16MHZ) -N/A Much too fast
  • Ninja Spirit (ST 8MHZ) – 75% – Technically really well done. The music is annoying and it is really difficult with floaty physics, but …I still liked it! 
  • Ninja Spirit (Mega STE  16MHZ) – 77% Pretty similar, maybe a little easier to control obviously I chose a better weapon.  
  • Power Drift (Original ST 8MHZ) – 65% Decent scaling racer, a little better than I remember but still just as difficult to control
  • Power Drift (STE 8mhz Upgrade) 75% – The blitter helps to smooth out screen updates  but control is still a pain
  • Power Drift (Mega STE  Upgrade 16MHZ) – 80% – Overall the best version, maybe a little too fast in places. 
  • Predator (ST 8MHZ) – 80% -Wow,  Much better than the reviews led me to believe. Smooth parallax scrolling and a lot of strategy and action. Rocks contender
  • Predator (Mega STE  16MHZ) – 81% about the same, the weird action with the grenades was the shift key being stuck, not the speed of the machine. 
  • R-Type II (ST 8MHZ) 80% – very good conversion with the slow down you might expect from a non-blitter version  of  the best side scroller in history
  • R-Type II (Mega STE 16 mhz): 90/10 – Some Glitches but plays really well with not much slow down. 

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