S4:E2: How The Atari VCS Almost Killed Me. Plus the 9 VCS Launch Games And Circus Convoy

An episode  jampacked with Atari VCS goodness! First a story about the allure (and danger) of Atari VCS programming in modern times. Then a playthrough and history of the original 9 VCS  1977 launch titles. Also memories of Combat! from Tony Longworth. and a discussion and reaction of the brand new VCS game Circus Convoy from Audacity games.

Read The story” The Atari VCS almost Killed Me: Here

Features “The Atari VCS Almost Killed Me” by Steve Fulton

Written edited, produced by Steve And Jeff Fulton

Branding by Daryl Litts

Music : Ether and Eyes Turned Skyward by Tony Longworth

Video Companion with more images, discussion and game play. I different “cut” 

Full video Companion


Some video content is from our Into the Vertical Blank 8bitrocket Archive, some form Arhcive.org, Atairiage.com, Atarimania.com, Mobygames.com and Google People / Company archives. Of utmost importance was the “Confidential” Tia hardware specification and Steve Wright’s 2600 Stella Programmer’s Guide from 1979

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