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Video: Install, Setup and Play GameBaseST 4.0B

The last revision to GameBaseST was done in about 2005. 16 years last, we get an incredible update that really helps show off the depth and breadth of the ST’s library, but also the advances that have been made in emulation, hard disk drivers, and STE upgrades since then.

GameBase is Maintained here:

This is were you can download the 1.3 Full Core needed for all GameBase systems. File Download link:

Thread on GameBase64 about the 4.0B (this is beta) of GameBaseST.

Thanks to Mark “Hard Man” The GameBase Developer who is working on this versions. It is a magnificent update!

Video Contents

:Intro: 0:00

Install and Setup Game Base 0:25

Gameplay Xenon II 7:03

Gameplay Wolf 3D 12:30

Gameplay WolfChild 14:15

Explore the system 18:30

Outro 20:58


Sometimes when you re-install overt an old version the folders will not be correct. You will be missing a lot of content to fix this, remap the folder to the new correct one for games, extras, screenshots, etc here:
Tools–>ST Paths

Set Up folders

Emulator Setup.
You May Also have to setup emulators the first time they are used
GEMUS–> Hatari and choose new location

GEMUS->STEEM and choose new location

Set up steem

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