S4:E10: Atari  ST Games the Early Years

S4:E10: Atari  ST Games the Early Years

In this Episode, we cover the Atari ST, released in 1985 and what we consider to be the best “launch” titles for the system release in 1985 and 86. Of course these are not necessarily Launch Titles as computers rarely have them, but our favorite early years ST games.
We have gone  through all of the Atari ST games released before 1987 using the excellent atarimaina.com database. We consider the first 18 months of the ST’s life as the launch period before most of the big games started being developed and huge European software houses began to flood the market with games.

This is the list of games we recommend that the new Atari should re-release on a pack for the VCS and re-make as new games if possible. 

We purchased our 520 ST in January of 1987 and had access to most of these titles. It would be another year before we would  start getting a lot of new UK and European games, and we’ll cover those later, but these are what we feel are the best in various genres for the ST during our pivotal move from 8 to 16 bit gaming.  There are more we could add to the list and your list might vary. Let us know if  if we missed any of your favorites.

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