Atari 8bit Gaming Gems Vol 2: 25 Great Games + Notes and Ratings

25 more of our favorite Atari 8bit games. One per year for the first 25 years. Many more videos to come, exploring the entire library up until today. If your favorite isn’t here, tell us below. It will probably show up in a video later in the series. There are A LOT of great Atari 8bit games



Shoot’em Up! – MiscellaneousXXL20078/10Great game

Tempest Xtreem

Shoot’em Up! – MiscellaneousAtlantis200810/10Basically Tempest 2000 for the 8bits

Electro Maniac!

Arcade – Platformer (Single Screen)Müller20097.5//10Really well made classic single screen style (Miner 2049er) arcade game

Flop Super Ball

Arcade – Breakout / Pong / CircusFlop20109/10Very well made Arakanoid clone


Brain – Logical / PuzzleMAPA / PG / MIKER20119.5/102011 Abbuc winner. Absolutely the bets of it’s kind on the 8bits. Need to fix the board by swapping tiles, then move with joystci and button at some time.

Asteroids Emulator

AsteroidsAtari / Kehrer / Delman20129/10Atari Coin-op 6502 code ported to the Atari 800

Assembloids XE

Brain – MiscellaneousAgenda20138/10Really cool puzzlr gam. Greal music and excellent graphics

Dimo’s Quest in ABBUC Land!

Arcade – Collect’em!Infernal Bytes201410/10Absolutely the bets of it’s kind. A liitle like Chips Challenge, with bettre music and more color graphics


Shoot’em Up! – MiscellaneousLay / Kong / Harvey / Szpilowski201611/10Technically, the best game every produced on the Atari 8bits

Baby Berks

shoot’em Up! – MiscellaneousWilliams20188.5/10John Willaims port of his own game from C16 to the A 8bits

Castle Defender

Strategy – MiscellaneousMatoSimi20198.5/10A very nice BBC Micro Port. So many Flahs games re-did this, but this is the classic version.

Adam Is Me

Brain – Logical / PuzzleIlmenit / Agenda202010/10Not just the best acrade puzzler on the 8bts, posisbly the best there is


Arcade – Platformer (Single Screen)Karmanski/Janusz/Wyszynski/Ziembik20219.5/10Inbcredible looking and sounds A8 platformer. it beeds 128K, but uses it well. Collect all of the items on the scrolling level to move tp the next one. The graphics are amazing.

Icky Squishy

Shoot’em Up! – Miscellaneous –Star Gazer19818/10Un released Run around the scrolling Space Ship maze picking up stars (ammo) and shooting the gloppy bad guys. Not bad at all. Well done. Better tahan commercial Gauntlet port. You have grenades and auto fire, but how to use?
McArthur, Jeffrey S.(RIP 207) has a yutube channe labout his two games


Shoot’em Up! – Multi-DirectionalSynapse Software19829/10“OS B. Very nice combo of Star Castle and Bosconian Better with 2nd person amnning guns
A Upon loading the game, your ship is set on manual firing. If you prefer automatic firing, simply press the “A” key on the keyboard. Pressing it once more will return you to manual firing. This can be used at any time during the game. T Upon loading, your ship will accelerate and decelerate gradually according to the motion of your joystick. If you prefer instantaneous acceleration and deceleration of your ship, press the “T” key on the keyboard. Pressing it once more will return you to the gradual ac¬ celeration mode. This can be changed at any time during the game. O Press the “O” (zero) key will zero out the high score. Space Bar Pressing the space bar releases a smart bomb which instantly destroys all enemy ships on the screen. You begin the game with seven smart bombs. “


Arcade – MazeSirius Software19829/10Difficultm but imprssive first person maze game.

Rainbow Walker

Arcade – Q*bertSynapse19849/10Should have been an XEGS Cart

Lord of the Orb

Arcade – MiscellaneousAntic19859/10Action Maze score shoot. Should have been an XEGS game


First person / isometric actionsMindscape19869.2/10First person / isometric actions. A must have in a genre that is filled with goodness

Attack of the Mutant Camels

Defender / Empire Strickes BackMastertronic (UK)19879/10A Fast anbd furious, colorful version of the Empire Dtikes back game by Minter, An instand classic and GEM.

Dark Chambers

Arcade – GauntletAtari19888.5/10A very very goof port of the classic APX and 7800 Game. Better than the Gaultlet port.


Arcade – CommandoAtari19899.5/10Unreleased Version of the Arcade Classic. To me better than the VBXE C63 Port

Jet Boot Jack

Arcade – Platformer (Single Screen)Byte Back19909/10Also released in 1983 in the USA by Datamost

Mission Shark

Arcade – Platformer (Multi-Screen)Zeppelin199110/10Military action shooter platformer. Best of the genre on the 8bits. Should have been an XEGS cart


Arcade – Collect’em!Mirage19958.5/10Should be an XEGS cart as is

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