Arcade1up Atari Centipede Legacy Overview and Review

With 14 games and authentic controls, The Arcade1up Atari Centipede Legacy should be a must-have product for any Atari fan, but is it?

The Atari Centipede Legacy is an at once partially great and also misfire that is, literally, one Wi-fi OTA update away from being near perfect. Can Arcade1Up figure out the technical details and deliver the update to move from a B- to a solid A?

I play the CR*P out if this thing almost every day, that is why I can’t just dismiss it out of hand. Millipede, Tempest, Major Havoc, Liberator and Super Breakout, to name just a few, call to me in their coin-op format. That’s why the literal “glaring” issues are such a shame.

Note: The Arcade1up Atari Centipede Legacy is notoriously difficult to photograph because of the too-bright, backlit monitor. After many tries, I found a decent to take video of the screen. The truth is, while playing, the screen looks much better than what was captured here, but the monitor still has issues which I address in this video.

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