S6:E2  Found In the Desert – Dads, Guns, Gold, The Atari ST and The Lost Dutchman Mine

In this episode the brothers Discuss the 1989 World of Atari Show at Disneyland and then we premier the audio version of our Epic Atari ST story and game play-through of the Lost Dutchman Mine. 

What compels someone to finish a computer game after more than three decades of first trying?  The Lost Dutchman Mine for the Atari ST is such a game for me.  First played in 1989, this obscure game and its subject matter of a legendary gold mine have stuck with me ever since, but why?  When I sat down to play it again last October, I was not ready for the memories and emotions that would emerge.   Welcome to Into The Vertical Blank’s first (almost) feature length documentary film: Found In the Desert – Dads, Guns, Gold, The Atari ST and The Lost Dutchman Mine.

Show Notes

Full Video Movie Version available here:  

World Of Atari: Atari At Disneyland (atarimagazines.com)


World Of Atari: Z*Magazine: 2-May-89 #155 (atarimax.com)


Atarimania.com : Atari ST Lost Dutchman Mine : scans, dump, download, screenshots, ads, videos, catalog, instructions, roms (atarimania.com)


Walkthrough blog: 


Video gameplay diary: (2) Lost Dutchman Mine | EP7 Found a piece of the map in a mine | Amiga 500 | commodore 64 | – YouTube

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