Missile Command Ports and Clones For Atari home Machines #2600 #5200 #atari8bit #atarist #jaguar #lynx

Today we take a look at the official ports of the Atari Coin-op Classic, Missile Command,  for all Atari Home systems. We also Count down the top 10 clones across those systems with honorable mentions thrown in for good measure. 

Did we miss any? What’s your favorite? Is there a port or a clone for a non-Atari home system we should cover? Let us know in the comments. 

Arcade Missile Command

Official Ports


8bit / 5200



Jaguar Missile Command 3D

VCS Missile Command Recharged 7:09

Top 10 Clones 

10. 2600 Atlantis

9.  8bit Atlantis

8. 2600 Robot Fight  

7 ST Colony

6. 8bit Sentinel.

5. 8bit Missile Command +

4. 2600 Missile Control

3.  8bit Stratos


Honorable Mentions 

2600 M.A.D.
A8 City Defender

1 STE Attack Wave  18:24

Except where noted below, all music, video, assets, and recordings are by Jeff D. Fulton. Box and cart images for 7800 games are from Atarimania.com and or Atariage. Atariage, Atarimania, and Mobygames were essential in researching this video.

In Game Tune produced by Jeff Fulton 2023

Theme Tune by Brain Travis

Part 3: Atari ST Series of Machines https://youtu.be/KIsgbmUzyWI

All music, video production. writing and game play by #JeffFulton and or #SteveFulton unless otherwise noted. (c)8bitrocket Studios

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