Lost Credit: The Secret Atari Heroes of GCC (part 1)

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GCC were masters of video game design in the early 1980’s. They created Ms. Pac-Man and went on to become a “secret” development house for Atari. They are responsible for many golden age Atari games, but so far, the credits for their games have been incomplete and hard to locate. After working for 5 years, Into The Vertical Blank may have finally “cracked the code” on the credits for GCC Atari games by pestering and annoying ex-GCCers Doug Macrae, Michael Feinstein, Steve Golson and Jonathan Hurd until they finally put pen to paper, researched, reached out to fellow ex-employees, and put together a definitive list of credits. This is part 1 of that story. Features brand-new interview Doug Macrae, co-founder of GCC

Music in the episode is “I Want To Feel (instrumental)” By Tony Longworth

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Special Thanks to:

Jonanthan Hurd
Steve Golson
Michael Feinstein
Doug Macrae
All The rest of our boyhood
Heroes at GCC and Atari

Full GCC Creditss will
Be available at
when they are completed
and provided to any
other site tha
requests them.

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