Atari Proving Grounds: Galaxian. Atari Proving Grounds: Galaxian. Atari ST vs 2600 vs 7800 vs Atari8bit/5200

Welcome to the premier episode of Atari proving grounds where we take a look at the official and semi-official games that were released  across multiple classic  Atari systems and pit them against one another to see which port we like the most. 

In this episode we are covering the Namco Classic Arcade game Galaxian, a 1979 fixed shooter that was the first mega successful game to build off of the Space Invaders formula and also spawned a wealth of sequels such as Galaga.

You, the viewer, get a say too. Are we off the mark, did we leave out your favorite port? Should we do a part 2 and cover more Galaxian ports? Which ones? Also, let us know which other games you would like us to compare on the Atari Proving Ground! 

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