Retro Blaster RC1 is complete!

Retro Blaster  release candidate 1.0 is ready to play. All of my changes in the last few hours have had to do with speed and playability. The game still slows a little (a lot on some older machines) on the levels with the most objects moving, but it’s a HUGE improvement over Pixel War. The player can now only fire one mega bomb at a time. This helps the speed on the boss levels where firing multiple mega bombs was an easy way to send the game into “bullet time” for lack of a more derogatory term.  It also makes the game a little more challenging. To even things out, the player now earns more bonus multiplier points for destroying a boss.

Try not to let the “system warps” screen wait time deter you from trying the game. I have heard that it is pretty slow on older PCs and MACs, but it runs in about 30 seconds on a newer PC. These routines allow me to cache all of the game animation loops in a set of relatively speedy bitmapData object arrays.  Also, I am creating some math look up tables during this time that help speed up some of the calculations.

Try Retro Blaster

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