Retro Blaster High Scores

I have finally had a chance to play my own game all the way through and beat IRATA without cheating. My top score is 973,441,870. I have also found that even though I have put optimization upon optimization into the animation sprite map caching, it still cannot compensate for the giant amount of logic needed for collision detection and bitMapData swapping when there are 100’s of animations (or very large ones) on the screen. In any case, I am satisfied with the game and will now move on to something else. I will continue to refine this engine and hopefully the next game will have even more performance improvements. The high score boards for are not complete yet, so you cannot post your scores, but if you take a screen shot and send it to or, I’ll post the highest so you can reap all the fame and fortune that is bestowed on reaching such a plateau.

Also, I am just now posting the final release of the game. I had made a mistake in the last release and left in the code that resets the high score table every time you play. That is fixed now. Thanks to all those who sent in the error.

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