3 Flash “Fireworks” Activities For The 4th Of July

Here are 3 different interactive Flash activities for the the 4th of July:

Raindown Fireworks Show

This activitiy was designed to promote The Alarm’s single “Raindown” last year.  It is an interactive show.  The fireworks will got automatically, but it you press the [space bar] you can configure the color mix, frequency, height, and manually launch them by clicking on the height markers next to the launchers.  Try it here.

Fireworks Blast

This activity allows you to launch fireworks with a clic of the mouse button.  Fire as many as you like as fast as possible.  There are billions of different fireworks combinations. Try it here.

Fireworks Blast Challenge (Pre-Alpha)

This is a pre-pre-Alpha version of a game based on the engines above.  use the [z][x][c] kys to fire red/white/blue fireworks.  The size and score you get are based on how close to the center of the target you hit.  This is in no way finished, but it give an idea of where this game is going.  Try it here.



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