JoytoKey: A Joy to Use With Flash Games

We here at try to give our support to anything that makes the Flash Game experience better: From optimized bitmap rendering engine tutorials, to using Mochi Ads to help pay developers to keep on making innovative games, we appreciate all things that make the games and the developers better. One such thing I have come by is a keyboard emulator called JoyToKey.

What this baby does is emulate keyboard and mouse commands and assign them to any joystick or game pad hooked up to a PC. What does this mean for Flash games, especially the type we like to play and create? Bliss, sheer bliss! With this program, you can assign a joystick button to any keyboard key AND mouse axis movements to any analog stick! Now, the mouse movement is a little tricky, and takes some getting used to, but the ability to play all of your online games with a GamePad (like many were supposed to) adds a great deal to the game play.

So, go get JoyToKey and try is out with Retro Blaster today!

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