Adding MochiAds, MochiBot and MochiAds Leaderboards To A Flash AS2 Game

My Newest Flash game lesson is up over at Mochiland .   This lesson details how to add Mochibot, Mochiads, and Mochi Leaderboards to an AS2 Game.  View the preview below and then go resd the whole thing here:
Anatomy of a Flash Game: Lesson 3 – MochiAds, MochiBot and MochiAds Leaderboards

This is Lesson 3 of our four-part series in which I describe in detail how to create a very basic game in Flash. We will be building a very simple shooting game named ‘Home Computer Wars’, inspired by all my friends who wanted make games in the 80’s, but never succeeded. In this game you will play ‘Atari’ in an attempt to fight off the onslaught from IBM, Apple, Commodore and Texas Instruments computers. We will be coding this game in ActionScript 2. However, we will be using an object oriented messaging system that can, with some effort, be ported to ActionScript 3.

Tutorial Outline:

  • Lesson 1: Game Setup – We first learn how to set up our game framework in Flash, and then create a player that can move and fire missiles.
  • Lesson 2: Creating Enemies & Game Environment – We add a scoreboard and waves of enemies that gradually get harder and harder to fight.
  • Lesson 3: MochiAds, MochiBot, and the MochiAds Leaderboards – We add MochiAds, MochiBot and the MochiAds Leaderboards service
  • Lesson 4: Finishing Touches – Balancing And finishing: Level Balancing, Sound fx, Logo Screen

Read on for the lesson’


The first Mochi service we will add to our game is MochiBot. MochiBot is an easy and effective way to track analytics as who has posted your Flash game on their site, and how many times it has been played. Adding MochiBot to your game is quite easy.

The first thing you must do is go to and sign-up for an account.

mochibot get an account

After you have created a new account, login and locate the Create New MochiBot button and click it:

create new mochibot

Read The entire Lesson

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