Site Updates: Free Music and Retro Games!

We have been working over the past few weeks to figure out what the future-state will be for  We have tried out several different blogs, dabbled in Mid-Core Gaming and other features, but everything seems to lead back to the same place:  Flash Game Development and Retro Games.

For this reason, we will be expanding the site in two different ways in the coming weeks.

1. Flash Music Archive:  We have created a new Music section that will house a FREE library of short music loops that can be used in Flash Games (and other games).  These will have a value-added license which means that, while you can use them in games or projects, you cannot distribute them as-is.  We will also be offering very high-quality versions of the same loops for a small fee.  Right now there are no downloads, but some of our oddest songs are available for listening.

2. Flash Retro Game Highlights:  We love Retro-inspired games, but they are not easy to find among the chaff of the Flash Game Universe.  We are going to create our own directory of the BEST retro-inspired Flash games.  You may also will be able to submit your games to us for review and inclusion on the site.

We hope these two new features will help us expand in the correct direction, while continuing to serve our loyal user-base of Flash Game Developers and Retro Game fans.

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