Management Sucks Finally Finds A Suitable Game!!

Finally, a game about work. I’ve been looking for a good Flash game to launch the Management Sucks game repository for some time. Idea Killer from Othmar Wicke ( is just the type of game I have been looking for. In this one you play a jaded customer of an ad agency. Your job is to reject as many proposals as possible. For some reason this one just struck me as so heartbreakingly true to life that it is in the rare “so tragic it is funny” area of comedy. Anyone who has ever tried to come-up with an idea to impress a bone-headed marketing executive should understand this one. On the other hand, any manager who has been through countless proposals from marketing agencies that seemed to have no clue about the problem you were trying to solve will feel guiltless glee at smacking down some of these clueless dolts.

Idea Killer


Are there more good work/management related games out there? If know if any, please tell us. We’ll bring them to you when we find them.

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