Designing Arcade Game Graphics – A free book!

I have been researching and writing a few new basic tutorials on using blitting for arcade games. In my search for some simple graphics to use, I once again came across the Ari Feldman sprite libraries. Along with his incredible, free library of sprite sheets, Ari has made something even more valuable available: His Entire Book On Arcade Game Graphics! Mark Overmars, the creator of the wonderful GameMaker tool, has been given permission to distribute Ari’s year 2000 book, Designing Arcade Computer Game Graphics as a free PDF download. The subject is a little dated for modern game programmers (PC, XBOX, etc), but the chapters cover such a wide swath of great topics, that all budding Flash game devs should if it a look. It contains a wealth of information that can help turn even the most left-brained code optimization drone (me) into a pretty decent arcade game graphic creator. You won’t be a genius over night, but it will sure give you some great pointers.

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