Flash Game Development Inter-web Mash-up: August 12, 2008

A selection blogs, articles, tutorials, games, and more that might be on interest to Flash game developers (or any other game developers).

This week we have new stuff on monetizing games; sponsor lists; DZONE and Stumble Upon for game devs and site owners; game usability; a discussion on libraries, frameworks, and engines; and a whole bunch of new stuff from Emanuele Feronato; and the absolute basics of AS3. WHEW! Plus 5 great games for you to test and and play across some of my favorite portals. I didn’t even make it to all of my favorite sites this week and I have more than a full load to read.

lorenzgames.com has a couple new entries that I find pretty interesting. The first, Google and Adsense for monetizing OnLine Games where takes into consideration what Bernie Stolar (ex Atari, ex Sega, ex Mattel, and now part of Google) had to say about Google not becomming a game portal. He has also been kind enough to use help us use StumbleUpon to promote and learn how to make games by creating a group for Flash Devs there. Nice work!

Mr Sun has been on another of his writing storms with 3 new entries, and we are the beneficiaries: Don’t make them think how to make a usable Flash game, How to brainstorm for your Flash game, and DZONE a great traffic source for smaller blogs.

Freelanceflashgames has some interesting news about Addicting Games and Flash Game License:Addicting Games and Flash Game License Team-Up – They have added a method to directly submit your games to Addicting Games. Also, they have added The Big List Of Game Sponsors for your submitting pleasure.

gamepoetry.com does a nice job explaining The Difference Between Libraries,Frameworks and Engines.

The unstoppable emanueleferonato.com keeps the great stuff flying out with these 4 tasty new entries:
1. Let players design their own levels with bonus level
2. A Game prototype involving shape drawing and a ball
3. Creating of a Flash Arcade site using WordPress Step 3
4. Create a Flash game like Nano War Step 1 and Create a Flash game like Nano War Step 2

The realive newcomer to this round up, tutorio.us has a great introduction to AS3 in The absolute basics of actionscript 3

Here is a list of games that are keeping me from working on my own games…
Riff Master on Addicting Games
Maze Stopper on Hall Pass
Save the Island on Mind Jolt
Helipopter on Gameshot
Xenocrate 2 on Gamebrew

As always, check out Flashgameblogs.com and freelanceflashgames.com for your daily dose.

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