9 Interesting Stories And Blogs About How People’s Lives Were Affected By Their 8-Bit Computers And Video Games

Since we often write long-winded stories about how 8-bit computers and video games affected our lives, I just took a look out on the interweb to see if there were any other people wasting their precious living moments doing the same. There are. Here are a few good ones:

We start with a straight-forward reverie about a owning an Atari 800 in 1983. I can very much relate to this one:

My Long Lost Atari 800 by Runningwave

It’s just amazing to review my own little piece of personal computer history and realize I was part of an technological revolution. A child of the 1980s, I was among the first to experience computers on a daily level. Now that is taken for granted.”


Next we have story about someone who has literally “grown-up” with technology:

10 Things I Love: Computers from DailyHaggis

“My journey with computers first began at the age of ten when I received my very first ‘computer.’ It was the Atari 800xl 8-bit computing wonder, featuring ATARI BASIC. So l33t.”


The third story today is cool little overview of how one .NET developer got started on the path to a career in software development:

How I Got Started In Software Development by Ryan Farley

“Well, I was always fascinated with computers and loved the days of tweaking Atari BASIC games, but the need to attract the opposite sex took over and I picked up the guitar. Let’s face it, Nerds back in those days were….just Nerds. Not like the way things are today. The fact that I could read BASIC code did nothing to impress girls. Playing the guitar on the other hand, that was the ticket. “


Now this one is completely different. This story is about someone who is now attempting to switch from PC to Mac computing (something I find very familiar), and this first blog is an overview of how they got started with computers.

The Journey Begin From Journey Into MacLand

“Growing up as part of the first home video game generation I found myself fascinated by the technology. If the names Atari VCS and Intellivision are familiar then you know the time period. We had the latter hooked up to an old console television in the house where I grew up. I played many hours of Blackjack against the shifty-eyed dealer. My first computer was an Atari 800XL which served me well for many years.”


Ah, the next one is very close to my heart. A “Best Christmas Ever” memory.

Atari 2600 Space Invaders From The Daily Shark

“I got my Atari early (thanks mom!) the year before “everyone” got it – and it was to this day the best Christmas gift ever.”


Now we have something completely different. This next story is about a woman who saved-up her money asa kid to buy a 2600 and the financial lessons learned from the experience.

What The Atari 2600 Taught Me About Personal Finance By Jennifer Derrick

“…I was about ten or eleven when the Atari came out. If you were alive then, you remember how every kid (and a lot of adults) wanted one. If you weren’t alive then, think of the frenzy over the Wii and you’ll be close to what it was like. I was no different. I wanted one, and I wanted it badly. Especially after my best friend got one. I was crazy jealous. I just had to have it! I think the Atari was also my first experience with consumer culture and the crazy desire to own something. “


Just to show that I can appreciate non-Atari stories, here is one about a TRS-80.

I Love My Trash-80 from Evil Genius Juke box

I remember spending literally hours and hours slaving over the keyboard, staring at the green screen and writing word adventure games, playing cool games like Dungeon of Daggorath


..and one about a Commodore-64:

What Would We Do Without It? From Genuine Navy blue

“I remember my first computer,  a Commodore 64 .  To be truthful, I was very intimidated by it. I did not understand how to write in computer language in order to create a pixel heart or a square shaped oval. “


And finally, there is this blog, which pretty much exemplifies what this post is about: early video game and computer experiences through which people filtered the experiences of their childhood and now apply those lessons to the present. I don’t think we could end with one better than this:

A Change Of Heart From 24hoursaday7daysaweek

“The lesson I first learned from Donkey Kong has only been reinforced as I’ve grown. My father is human. It’s a strange understanding to have as someone’s child knowing that while I can control my own emotions, I am powerless when it comes to his”

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