Retro Game Showcase: Back In Action

OK, I’m back at a house and back in the saddle ready find some cool retro-inspired games to waste some of your precious time. This week we have 5 more. I’m sorry the review descriptions are short, but I’m still getting back into the swing of this.


A really cool combination of Asteroids, Gravitar and Sinistar. The vector look and feel as a nice retro sensability, and game plays very smoothly.

Snowy: Treasure Hunter 2

: The Snowy games have been a fixture of Alawar for a few years now. They are expertly designed and programmed platform games are beauty to behold. This is particularly striking one.

Asteroid Adventure

A bizarre but intriguing combination of Asteroids and Centipede. Shoot asteroids, and the space worms to knock their power-bars down to nothing, than they split into multiple parts. Very cool idea.


A “base shooter” style game with cool 8-bit sounds. I especially like the weapon upgrades, smooth controls, and overall satisfying feel to this one. Sure, it’s a bit like my demo game “Killer Sattelites”, but so what?

Space Invaders Multi-Player

We posted this one last week, but i wanted to highlight it again. A multi-player version of Space Invaders? Pretty cool and worth a look. However, I’m still concerned about the use of I.P. Doesn’t Taito still own the name and the graphics?



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