The Best Portals For Residual Game Plays

The Best Portals for Residual Game Plays

We make retro inspired games, and so far none of them have been a HUGE hit on the home page of any major portal. Although I would love to have a big hit game, I also understand what the kids want to play, and if I can’t or don’t want to provide those types of games, then I will have to be comfortable with the game plays numbers I do get. Some portals will give you a HUGE number of plays when you are on the home page, but very few to none when you have moved off the main stage (residual plays). Based on five moderately successful games (one with close to a 1,000,000 plays) we have made, here is a list of the portals that give us the most residual plays. I am certain that if you have a decent game, and spend the time uploading it to as many of these are you can (if they accept uploads), you can insure some decent game-play numbers over the life-time of your game.

These are the portals that have provided us with the greatest longevity (in no particular order)

1. Mindjolt – They accept submissions, and have an API that you can include for high scores.
2. – They don’t accept uploads, but will find your game if you upload it to enough other sites.
3. – Think this is a Polish site, I can’t tell if they accept uploads, but they sure like retro games
4. – You can suggest games to them.
5.,, – I didn’t link to these because those host names will not resolve to pages, but the Chinese and Korean sites that use these for CDN LOVE retro games! I have not idea how to get games onto their sites, but if they were able to pick ours up with no problem.
6. – They let you upload and submit your own games
7. – You can submit games from their Contact Us button. I never did, they found our game on other portals.
8. – Spanish language site. They have a hankering for retro games, but I don’t know how to submit games to them . We never did, but they picked them up from the Mochi Feed (probably).
9. – Another Chinese / Korean (or other) site that loves them some retro games
11. – I can’t disregard the plays we get every day by having our own site. It’s a good idea to keep your own site and arcade for your own games if possible.

These are based on the Mochibot stats we have for Top Hosts for the last year. Let us know what portals give you the most residual game plays. We think it is important to support portals that long lasting plays numbers.

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