8bitrocket GameStorm! Podcast #7: Special Wide-Load Double Episode : Our Favorite Games

Today we present the first 8bitrocket.com Special Wide-load Double Episode!   This does not mean that that it is double the quality or double the goodness, it’s just really double the length.   In this episode we “shake it up” by rejecting our  regular format and spending over 30 minutes talking about our favorite games from the last 30 years.   Going from platform to platform mostly chronologically (starting with the pre-Space Invaders arcade and ending with the Nintendo Wii) we discuss the best games we have ever played.   As well, we decided on our favorite games of all-time, and then finally, put the “8bitrocket Stamp Of Approval” on the game that we feel is the best of all-time.

You can download the podcast here: http://www.8bitrocket.com/podcasts/gamestorm7.mp3

Also, a couple corrections.  Since we did this one with almost no preparations, we made many mistakes.  Here are some corrections and clarifications:

  1. The game Gunfight was released by Midway
  2. The “Space Invaders” -like game for the Channel F was named: Alien Invasion
  3. The “Space Invaders” -like game for the Intellivision was named Space Armada
  4. The “Star Raiders”- like game for the Intellvision was named Space Battle.
  5. The “D&D” – like game for the Intellivision was named Advanced Dungeons And Dragons
  6. R-Type was released by Nintendo.  Subsequent sequels were by Irem
  7. Smurf Rescue did not scroll.

I’m sure there are many more…

Also, this podcast is bumpered with one of Jeff’s old songs named “First Show”…

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