8bitrocket Retro Games Inter-web mash up:October 08, 2008

8bitrocket Retro Games Inter-web mash up:October 08, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Retro Game Fans.

This time we cover new stuff on Recycled Gaming, Retro Thing, Classicgaming.com, Lemon64, Atari Mania, Lemon Amiga, c64audio, Atari Age, and RetroGamer.

Recycled Gaming
– A Super Mario 64 Retrospective
– An Atari 2600 Retrospective
– A Retrospective on Atari 2600 Battlezone
– A brilliant video of the original Donkey Kong made with Lego and Stop Motion Animation!
– An Atari 2600 Kaboom Retrospective
– A Sega 32X Night Trap discussion.

Retro Thing
Metal Gear Solid for the MSX Machines (part1)
– A feature on a new Home Brew 2600 Game called Lead 16K.

– An update about the great auction site, Chasethechuckwagon.
– If you haven’t been to RetroArcadeRadio.com, you really are missing out on this Live365 station filled with retro audio classics. Now Playing: The 30 second Atari Yars Revenge Commercial.

– A review of the great 1983 game Save New York
– A review of another great Creative Software game, Trolls and tribulations

– The 1994 Jaguar Promo Video
Atari 5200 Super System Videos
– English Software Atari 800 Smash Hits Compilation

– Reviews one of my favorite Atari ST games (but for the Amiga), TechnoCop.
– Reviews another awesome game we had to the ST (again for the Amiga obviously), North and South.

– Check out c64audio.com for and awesome selection of 8 and 16 bits music.
Atari Age has an absolutely fantastic Atari ST games survey thread, here!
– Retro Gamer Magazine’s game of the week is Gunstar Heroes for the Genesis / Megadrive

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