8bitrocket Fresh Kill Flash: A Biased selection of new (to us) Mochi Games.

8bitrocket Fresh Kill Flash: A Biased selection of new (to us) Mochi Games.

Games get on this list in one of two ways:

1. They are in the 25 newest Mochi games feed when I start writing this entry, or I find them else where on Mochi (on the days I have time to look)
They are sent directly to me at info[at]8bitrocket[dot]com.

I have no official criteria other than that the game was good enough to force me to play a second time. Any game that gets me to spend my ultra limited time playing a second round is impressive to me. If you have a portal, these games were simple to get into, easy to play, and good enough for a second look. If you are looking for a good game to play…the same criteria applies.

Backgammon Multi-player – By Lorenzo Nuvoletta – Just added to our retro showcase, this ultra classic keeps to constant flow of multi-player goodness flowing from Lorenzo. We approve mightily! Lorenzo sent this one straight to me, so it may not be a Mochi game, but what the hell. It’s done very well.

BuzzyBee – By AshaGames – A well crafted match 4 game. Very fun.

Hive – By Brent Silby (deflogic) – Another neo retro classic by the deflogic team (Brent). I will be adding this to our showcase very soon!

Heart Breaker – By ChrisError – This is a sweet little Arkanoid style game with a nice pixel-based style. I’ll be adding this to our showcase also.

Bug Hunt – By Spikything – Don’t overlook this fun arcade shooter

xavierenigma’s nphys – By xavierenigma – A quite cool little physics toy box (in alpha, but worth a play or two)

Smiley Puzzle Girl Edition – by darkmoon – A fun sliding puzzle, match 3 game, that is well made. Don’t let the girl part fool you, I’m all man.

Locked in the Bathroom – By kilojuegos – Don’t let the name discourage you, this is a well made point and click adventure game.

Joe’s Last Stand – By Badim – Funny, bloody sheep defense game – an instant classic!

Switch By Actionsprite – A very well made collection game. Great music too.

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