Daphnie’s Balloon Castle goes Live! Becomes A Mochi Featured Game!

Our latest game, Daphnie’s Balloon Castle went live on our site and through Mochi Distribution today.   As a nice bonus, Mochi put it up as one of their Featured Games in the Publishers section.   I’m not sure what the criteria is for this (it might have been slow day for them), but was much appreciated!

Daphnie’s Balloon Castle  is very simple game in which you control a flying dart that must pop as many ballons as possible that fly up the screen.  If a balloon makes it to the top ofthe screen, it turns into a bomb that must be avoided.  There are also “Bad” balloons that must be avoided.   As the levels progress, nested balloons arrive that must be poped multiple times.  The goal is to reach the golden castle high in the sky.

Daphnie’s Balloon Castle was designed as gift for my daughter for her 6th birthday.  Becuase of this, an “Easy” mode (a first for 8bitrocket.com games) was included that is good for little kids.  This mode has no bombs, and plays a bit slower than the full game.   The scoring in this mode is adjusted for the difficulty.

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