Making Games: Pumpkin Man Beach Blitz Part 2

Making Games: Pumpkin Man Beach Blitz Part 2

For the last week I have been working on a new game with the working title Pumpkin Man Beach Blitz. It is going to be a cross between Gauntlet and Wizard of Wor using the basics of an engine I created this time last year for the original game called Pumpkin Man. As of my last update on this conversion I had begun the slow task of changing the main character’s movement and collision detection, as well as adjusting the game world rules to allow shooting of the enemy and not eating them. I left with a 15 part to do list. With roughly 7 days left to finish the game, I am way behind, but trudging along as best I can.

Here is what was on my TO DO list. .
1. Gun upgrade path and messaging
The code for the gun upgrade path is complete, but I only have 5 different levels of gun and I want 10. Also, I have not added and messaging to tell the user that the gun has been upgraded.

2. Missile hitting walls and explosion
I have the collision detection routine for this figured out, but not implemented. I need to create a blit explosion to use when the missiles hit a wall.

3. Finish level by rescuing the princess
This is complete. Once you find the princess, she attaches herself to you and you carry her to the exit.

4. Can destroy enemy generators
I loved that part of Gauntlet, and I am 99% complete with this. I have added a health bar blitted to the screen with a BitmapData trick after the first hit, but I need to create a final explosion and use the missile-hit-wall explosion to indicate a hit on the generator. Also, the generators sometimes hang around (though not visible) after they are destroyed. This is intermittent, so it has been a bitch to figure out.

5. Enemy generator health bar
As stated above, this is complete.

6. Can’t shoot enemy until they start moving
I think I have this one done. In actuality, you can’t shoot them until they appear on the blit screen.

7. Change bonus needed
Not started

8. New instructions
Not started, though I have given them a lot of thought, I have not written one word down…

9. New layout – get rid of timers, and put in ammo count and gun level.
I have disposed of the timers (except for the bonus timer) and added in an ammo count. The ammo in the game is limited and Pumpkin Man must eat to create more ammo.

10. Use Bratney “Safe Timer” for when “KILL” has been collected.
Not started, but this is an easy code swap.

11. Re-do power-ups
The Basic power ups that let Pumpkin Man chase the enemy back in the original now upgrade his weapon.

12. Make new levels
Not done, and won’t be done until I complete the new tiles and xml tile descriptions and attributes.

13. Update the enemy and missile pool code
Not started

14. Add in advanced game timer
Not Started

15. Explosion object pool
Not started

So, I have a ways to go, but I am about 55% complete. It will take some hard-nosed work and a lot less time on Facebook, FlashKit, BigSoccer, Mochi Ads, The Superficial, Digg, GameTab, and Atari Age…I can procrastinate with those again next week.

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