Jack’s Beach Blitz RC3 (Final)

After some very constructive feedback from a few players (Rich D and Mark G especially), I have posted the final version of Jack’s Beach Blitz (save some minor bug fixes). It now has 20 levels (I added 5) and I have modified the player start procedure as well as the transporting procedures. When the player starts, there is a new indicator that tells the player exactly where he/she will start blasting. When the player hits a transporter, there is now an indicator as to where he/she will be transported. Also, the enemy freeze for 4 seconds when the player transports to help ease the transport transition for the player.

Also, I changed some of the levels to make them slightly easier, but also have made the number of enemy kills needed to upgrade the bonus multiplier much higher on later levels.  All in all, it makes for a richer experience.

Try Jack’s Beach Blitz.

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