Happy Thanksgiving from 8bitrocket.com

If you are not from the USA, then you might not be aware that today we celebrate a holiday we know as Thanksgiving. You can read wikipedia to find out the details on what is basically a harvest celebration.  It is all of those things, but to most of us it is a day to see family, eat too much, and hopefully not dredge up old ghosts from the closet and turn them into family turf wars.  We also are supposed to reflect on what we have in our lives that we should be thankful for…and then MAKE A HUGE list of all the STUFF WE WANT so when the stores open at 4:00 AM Friday for the BLACK FRIDAY sales we can push, shove, scratch claw and bite our way to happiness. Want want want buy buy buy!  Isn’t it wonderful all the stuff we can have?

For today though, have a great day, no matter where you are.

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