8bitrocket.com 2 Year Anniversary:Stats Plus 2.0 Beta Version Preview

This week marks the 2 year anniversary of 8bitrocket.com. Last year at this time we reported the following stats:

From December 14 2006 until Dec 14 2007:

1. Page Views: 129,911

2.Visits: 64,702

3. Alexa Ranking: 512,183

At that time, Jeff and I set a personal goal to get an Alexa ranking under 100,000 in 2008. We are proud to say that our stats, as of yesterday were:

We are very proud to say that this year’s stats have completely shattered 2007.

1. Page views: 683,228

2. Visits: 357,348

3, Alexa Ranking: 92686

It does seem that our Alexa ranking is moving in the opposite direction as of late, but we are still very proud with our progress. However, the other stats show great progress. We are up about 500% year-over-year.

Now it is time to figure out what to do for 2009. Here are a few ideas we have bandied about:

  1. Opening a true retro Flash game portal. We will be making baby steps with the 2.0 version of the site (see below), but the next step should be even more immersive and helpful for retro Flash game developers.
  2. More tutorials with more code. We think we can quadruple the number of tutorials and the amount of free code we supply to developers. Look for this part of the site to open in the near future with much more content.
  3. More, smaller games. We are considering trying to pull back from all the work we do trying to “syndicate” our games, and simply use Mochi, plus our own site for distribution. This will take the pressure off of us to make “big games” with “big ideas” in the hopes of getting sponsorships, and instead explore smaller ideas that can be completed on a much shorter time frame. Many of these projects will be the subjects of our tutorials.

As well as the above we are working on the finishing touches of the 2.0 version of this web site. You are welcome to take a peek at what we are doing here. We have attempted to tone done the glare on the site, make things easier to read, and at the same time, offer a design that is more true to our 8-bit, pixelated roots. We still have a few days of work left on it, but we wanted you to see what we have been working on.

Thanks to you all for making this site such a great success. Jeff and I never thought we could do this well with a budget of 0 dollars, (but an overwhelming budget of time and energy). Please keep coming back, reading our stuff, playing our stuff, and using our stuff to help you make other cool stuff.


8bitrocket.com (Steve And Jeff Fulton)

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