Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Feb 9, 2009

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Feb 9, 2009

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This time we cover:
The 4K Game Competition; New games from Photon Storm, Gaming Your Way, and The
Bedroom Labs; Many tutorials from Emanuele and Freeactionscript.com; Mochi
Contest winners; Game design and programming outside of Flash and more.

The 4K Game Competition
Sponsored by both the


teams, this looks to be a real barnstormer.  Two $50
prizes are being offered by these community based blog sites. What makes this so
exciting is that they are basically taking money from their own pockets to
sponsor a competition where the only gain they achieve (other than a little
notoriety and maybe a few more site visits) is a gain for the entire Flash
gaming community: namely, some great, exceedingly well coded games.  If you
want to enter a game, you will have to give the sponsors the right to compile it
from Flash Develop and show your source code to the world. Unlike other
contests, you own all  the rights to YOUR game.   Nice work,

– Check out The Bedroom Lab’s current 4K entry,
a side scrolling

Invaders Must Die
What do you get when you combine the
game design and technical superiority of Gamingyourway with the all out musical
assault of Prodigy?
Invaders Must Die
is a well made, fun, and stylistically unique side-scroller that incorporates a visual style that matches the the music very well,
and is also very fun to play. Some helpful hinds from the field;

Kyobi is going to be a massive hit
I have had the
pleasure of being a beta tester for the latest gem from Rich Davey of Photon
Storm. The game is not quite complete yet, but is up for bid on FlashGameLicense.

looks like a standard match 3 or Tetris style game, but under the hood
it is so much more. It adds in a generous splash of Box2D physics to create a
very unique game play style. Also, the game looks incredible, and should draw
some very very good sponsorship offers. If it doesn’t, then the system is broken
and needs to be fixed (not Flashgamelicense.com, but the entire Flash casual
game industry).

Help FreelanceFlashgames.com improve

Freelanceflashgames.com is one of my favorite sites to mine for material. Please
visit the site and

vote for him to keep his blog and games
(or whatever you want to vote for).

New Tutorials and Example Code to expand your skills


Creating a Sling With Box2D Using Joints


Box2D prismatic Joints


Box2D for Absolute Beginners Step 2


Parallax Movement Effect


Car Movement: Acceleration, Breaking, Turning, and Reverse


smooth 4-way Player Movement

– Freeactionscript.com’s

Multiple Key Press Detection

Helpful hints from the field
Ickydime solves the
problem of

stopping FLV Playback’s progressive download
– Stephen Calender’s
Top 10 Flash
Performance Tips

 News from the world of Mochi
Mochi has announced the
winners of their Walk of Fame Contest. Special contrats to all of the winners:

Monster Evolution

Retardo and the Iron Golem

Monkey Go Happy

Neon Disks

and especially

Hatu’s Whiflash
, which we

featured in our Arcade

Stephen Calender’s Obstacles for Flash Game Deevelopment

Stephen puts
into writing a pretty good list of the faults associated with Adobe’s recent
in relation to game programming and design. He especially points
out its inconsistencies with other development platforms. It’s a very fine
– Also, check out Stephen’s opinion piece on why
Flash as a
platform will dominate small web games
for the foreseeable future.

Game Programming Articles, tutorials and hint outside the world of

2D Rotated Rectangle Collision

– Gamasutra’s awesome

History of Pinball Construction Set
is a good read for anyone interested in
creating games that allow user customzation.

As always, visit Flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose…

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