Slowdown Revisited

So our close colleague mentioned earlier this week that we were “slowing down”.  However, that is not entirely the case.

We here at are simply “focusing” our content on what is important: our games.   We are going to write about our games, post our games, podcast about our own games, write articles and tutorials about our games, and even write retro articles, because they inspired our games.

How is that any different from what we do now?  Well frankly, it means that there will be less content about “other stuff”.  Fewer additions to the retro showcase, fewer reviews of other games, etc.  They will not go away entirely, but they will not be the focus.  Also, every article will be shorter.

Why are we doing this?  Because we are not a game portal, and we are not a news site.  We are an indie game development site, and it is high time we started acting like one.

That is all.

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